six Key Furnace Controls

Gas furnaces are the preferred form of furnace set up in residential homes. These are equipped with many controls to make certain Protected and economical operation. It is necessary to examine the furnace specs and manuals to appropriately understand how the controls function. Here i will discuss five main furnace controls discovered over a household fuel furnace.

Gasoline Tension Regulator

As the fuel from the principle line is issue to unique pressures, a fuel force regulator ensures a constant gas pressure into your burner manifold. This is frequently Positioned in between the availability tank and the primary gasoline valve. This guarantees your furnace gets the proper volume of gas to burn up; not too weak and not far too much.

Primary Gasoline Valve

Identical to a gas strain regulator is necessary so is a main gasoline valve. Its primary purpose is to control the flow of fuel from the surface source line thermocouple manufacturers or storage tank into the gas burner. They are available in many various sizes and styles and typically located powering the front panel from the furnace. The valves will consist of a safety shutoff valve that allows you to flip off the key fuel line as well as pilot gas. In a contemporary furnace that doesn’t Have got a standing-pilot light, these primary gasoline valves are referred to as electronic ignition gas valves.

Mercury Flame Sensor

You can find a mercury flame sensor in a more moderen furnace using an Digital ignition procedure. It really is created up of a mercury-stuffed perception end, a capillary tube and an SPDT change assembly. The sensor close is crammed with mercury and heats up in the direct burner flame. When heated, the mercury liquid triggers the switch and opens the fuel valve.


A place thermostat is the primary control of any time a furnace operates determined by the temperature of your area. A thermostat senses modifications in air temperature that may be becoming heated and ship an electrical sign to open or close the automatic gasoline valve within your furnace. Most thermostats are wired with the pilot basic safety valve, limit Management and the automated principal fuel valve.


A thermocouple is the safety product used to detect if the pilot light-weight is is lit before the principal fuel valve is opened to provide gas for the burners. A Thermocouple takes advantage of a heat-sensing unit that senses the heat through the pilot gentle after which you can converts it right into a electric powered current making it possible for gas into your furnace to ignite.


Occasionally termed a thermopile generator or millivolt generator, a thermopile is another safety unit for the primary gasoline line and pilot mild. Identical to a thermocouple, the heat-sensing machine is accustomed to detect the pilot light is on. A thermopile is larger and provides far more electrical energy than a thermocouple. The advantage of a thermopile is it does not require a transformer.